Shogun Assassin
Everything you need to know about the cult film Shogun Assassin and the Lone Wolf and Cub series.

Shogun Assassin, better known in Japan as Kozure Ōkami was a film made for Western audiences that gained instant notoriety and even got banned by the Home Office when it was released on video in 1983.

Shogun Assassin was created when Robert Houston and his partner David Weisman spliced together two films from the popular Japanese film series known as Lone Wolf and Cub. These films were hugely popular and were based on the long running 1970s Manga series of the same name.

In total 6 films were made from 1972, and Shogun Assassin (at least as Western audiences know it) was created from the first two films in the series.

Shogun Assassin is a strange beast – it is an assault on the senses, insanely violent, and can be confusing due to the nature of the dubbing and the fact that one story was attempted to be created from two films.

It’s cult status is cememted in cinematic history and popular culture, and regardless of your opinion of the film, it acts as a great springboard from which to dive deeper into the wonderful Lone Wolf and Cub series. And that’s where we come in, we have collected together all the info that we could on the series and show you where you can find out more about the series and its history, learn more about the original Shogun Assassin film, and find out where to buy merchandise, books, posters and much more.


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