May 18th, 2011

Four whole episodes from Lone Wolf and Cub (TV Series)

Okay, this should keep all Lone Wolf and Cub and Shogun Assassin fans going for a while.

Below are four whole episodes from the second series of the original Japanese TV series of Lone Wolf and Cub.

Each episode is about 46 minutes long and can be watched in high-quality video with Japanese subtitles.

The four episodes that we have collected are: “Whistle of the Winter Wind”, “The Bell Ringer”, “The Red Cat Beckons”, “Footman’s Demise”. Watch them all below:

Whistle of the Winter Wind

The Bell Ringer

The Red Cat Beckons

Footman’s Demise

Watch more from the Lone Wolf and Cub TV series

The entire Lone Wolf and Cub Japanese TV series can now be bought on DVD from:

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