May 1st, 2011

Lone Wolf and Cub Sword of Vengeance – Kill Count video

This is a ‘fan-made’ video showing all the deaths and the kill count for the first film in the Lone Wolf and Cub series called ‘Sword of Vengeance’.

About 12 minutes of this film was edited together with most of the second Lone Wolf and Cub film (Baby Cart at the River Styx) to create the cult film Shogun Assassin.

Shogun Assassin was notorious when it was released for the ultra-voilence that was portrayed in the film. It is true that many people are killed in the Lone Wolf and Cub films, but sadly, so was most of the story when it was re-edited to make Shogun Assassin. If you want to explore the original films and understand the story behing Lone Wolf and Cub then we suggest that you start here, however, if you want a quick fix of styalised samuari violence then check out the video below:

Lone Wolf and Cub Sword of Vengeance – Kill Count video

Check out the other Kill Count video from the series: Lone Wolf And Cub: Babycart At The River Styx and Baby Cart to Hades / Shogun Assassin 2

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