May 20th, 2011

Shogun Assassin – The Video Game

In Japan, Shogun Assassin was actually turned into a video game where you controlled Ogami Itto and had to fight your way through wave after wave of assassins. Ogami Itto came complete with son Daigor┼Ź – although you had to carry him on your back for most of the game, with the pram only coming into effect once in a while during the levels.

The game was actually named “Kozure Ookami” when it was released.

The game was released in 1987 by Nichibutsu in Japan only.

The game is considered a rarity by the Video Arcade Preservation Society´╗┐ as there are no known instances of the game being owned, although it is available in ROM form for MAME.

Watch footage below of the Shogun Assassin / Kozure Ookami video game:

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