August 29th, 2013

Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus books (Dark Horse Comics re-release the classic Manga!)

Lone Wolf & Cub Omnibus After years of being either hard-to-find or out of print, Lone Wolf and Cub fans now have another chance to get their hands on the full comic book series.

The original manga by Kazuo Koike and the late Goseki Kojima is vast and stretched to over eight-thousand pages in total that were released in regular episodes over six years. Dark Horse Comics picked up the early challenge of publishing the series in short(ish) 300 page installations – these were released in pocket-form as minibooks.

They were hugely successful and went to sell over a million copies. However, this success was not without problems as it became increasingly hard to find copies of the books as the years went on and many potential fans were denied discovering this dark, complex, and kinetic story.

I remember personally going to multiple online, as well as regular bricks-and-mortar, stores trying to track down missing volumes in the series, with little success.

Dark Horse Comics have now come up trumps and are re-publishing the series in a larger format omnibus. Each book is just over twice as long running at about 700 pages and the images are presented in a large format than was possible with the smaller editions.

This really allows the stunning and frenetic artwork to come to life even more.

Dark horse are releasing the books in stages and the first two are already out at the time of writing, with the 3rd due to be published in November.

Don’t miss out – we really cant emphasize this enough, even if you aren’t a huge fan of graphic novels it hard not to get swept up in this stunning series.

Check out the new editions of Lone Wolf and Cub at or

Lone Wolf Omnibus Page or

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