Shogun Assassin [Blu-ray]

Shogun Assassin [Blu-ray]This is the Blu-ray release of the the cult film Shogun Assassin.

The film has been fully-restored and the Blu-ray version is a 1080p presentation of the uncut film in its original aspect ratio.

The is complete and unedited version of the film.

There isn’t really much in the way of extras – but if you just after a decent HD copy of this cult classic then this will do the job. For those fans that want extras and features then check out the limited edition steel box version.

Product Description:
Censored, banned, bootlegged, mistreated, but ultimately unstoppable, this breathtaking high-definition special edition is the release Shogun Assassin fans have been waiting for.

Unquestionably the most popular samurai film in the West since the days of Akira Kurosawa, this chanbara classic was lifted from a hugely popular comic book saga and, still wet, transferred glistening to the screen.

After being framed for disloyalty to his clan lord, disgraced ronin Itto Ogami (with three-year-old son Daigoro in tow) travels medieval Japan as the most skilled samurai-for-hire bar none. But as the treachery and obstacles in his latest mission quickly pile up, Ogami is forced to handle it the only way he knows how.

A re-scored, re-dubbed reassembly of the first two films in the Lone Wolf & Cub series, the result has become an ageless cult sensation in its own right: a crazed thrill-ride in a booby-trapped baby cart, propelled on arterial spray, hurtling gleefully to nowhere.

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