Shogun Assassin DVD

shogun assassin dvd
Product Description This is the DVD release for Shogun Assassin.

The DVD cover keeps the controversial artwork intact that originally featured on the film poster and the video release that was banned.

The DVD features the complete and uncut version of the film, with the added bonus that you can pick it up for next to nothing (see where to buy it below).

If you are looking for a more updated and higher quality version of the film then we suggest that you check out the Blu-ray version here Shogun Assassin Blu-ray.

However, if you just want a cheap copy of this cult film, then DVD will suffice.

Product Description:
Vipco’s Vaults of Horror Collection This version banned since 1983 – is at long last approved UNCUT.

Astonishingly violent – Shogun Assassin tells the story of Lone Wolf, a powereful and feared “Masterless” samurai who lives a peaceful existence with his wife and his son. When he refuses to sweear allegiance to Retsudo, head of the vicious Yagyu Clan, Retsudo oders the death of Lone Wolf’s wife Azami. Blinded by rage, Lone Wolf vows to avenge her death, taking his son Daigoro with him on his path of darkness and retribution.

Soon Lone Wolf’s sword of vengeance is unleashed upon the evil Shogun’s sons, ALL WHO GET IN HIS WAY, and ultimately the legendary “Masters of Death”! WATCH OUT FOR JUNIOR AS HE RELEASES THE BLADES FROM THE WHEELS OF HIS RICKETY WOODEN PRAM!

Where to buy Shogun Assassin on DVD

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