Shogun Assassin film poster (original film poster)

Shogun Assassin film poster (original poster)

This is the original Shogun Assassin film poster.

The poster was designed and illustrated by Jim Evans, whose 7 year-old son was actually used to provide the voice-over for Daigoro in the film.

This illustration was also used as the box artwork for the original video release.

The poster shows Ogami Ittō brandishing his swords, with his young son Daigoro sitting in the pram with bloodstained blades protruding from the wheels.

The poster also features the strapline: “Meet the greatest team in the history of mass slaughter”

This poster is available online in various sizes, and also comes with framing options from some vendors.

We have collected the best places that currently stock this poster below.

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Where to buy the original Shogun Assassin film poster

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    If you are in the US, then you can buy this poster via in various sizes.
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    If you are in the UK, then you can get this original Shogun Assassin film poster in various sizes for various prices