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Despite being previously banned, Shogun Assassin is now widely available to buy online, and you can still pick up the DVD for cheap (or at next to nothing if you want to get a used copy).

We would suggest getting the restored version of Shogun Assassin in HD if you have a Blu-ray player at home, or for the true fan there is a stunning steel case Blu-ray version that is packed with extra features, trailers, and documentaries. Find out more here: Shogun Assassin Limited Edition

All Shogun Assassin fans should try a delve into the Lone Wolf and Cub series too – all are available at good prices and we have collected them below so you can find out more about each film and where to buy them for the best prices online. The ultimate edition that we have seen is the Complete Lone Wolf and Cub Box Set that includes all 6 Lone Wolf films and Shogun Assassin – pretty much all you could ask for really.

Check out what is available below:


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