Shogun Assassin Soundtrack

Shogun Assassin Soundtrack

The Shogun Assassin soundtrack is credited to “The Wonderland Philharmonic”, which was comprised of two primary composers – Mark Lindsay and W. Michael Lewis. ‘Wonderland’ was the name of Mark Lindsay’s private recording studio, and so the name “The Wonderland Philharmonic” was born.

Robert Houston also took part in the recording session and composed the track “The Ninja”.

The film score has a dark, brooding, and sometimes unsettling feel that was created on a Moog Modular synthesizer. It matches the movie perfectly and has gained a cult status all of it own.

The soundtrack was released in the US on vinyl in 1980 on a label created for the release called “Baby-Cart Productions”.

Track Listing for Shogun Assassin:

  • 1. The Legend Of Lone Wolf (05:12)
    • Narration by Gibran Evans
  • 2. Daigoro’s Theme (03:08)
  • 3. Assassin With Son (04:35)
  • 4. The Ninja (04:55)
  • 5. Voyagers (03:15)
  • 6. Crimson Sky (04:58)
  • 7. Eyes Of A Demon (02:16)
  • 8. Dune (03:47)
  • 9. Lone Wolf’s Theme (04:19)

The soundtrack used to be impossible to find if you wanted to buy it, however, the complete album is now available to download from and

We have also scoured the internet to bring you as many of the tracks that we have found from album to listen to below. Enjoy! (P.S. If you know of any other links to the soundtrack then drop them in the comments field).

Listen to the Shogun Assassin Soundtrack:

Track 2: Daigoro’s Theme

Track 3: Assassin With Son

Track 4: The Ninja

Track 6: Crimson Sky

Track 7: Eyes Of A Demon

Track 8: Dune

Track 9: Lone Wolf’s Theme

The soundtrack is now available for download at and


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